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Updates on School Counseling at Broad Street Elementary

November 2021

Happy November!

November is typically the month in our school counseling program where we focus on equipping students with the necessary tools to practice self-control. We talk about how students can control their actions, feelings, and thoughts by taking the time to "Stop and Think" before they respond to a situation.

One resource that we will be utilizing this month is "A Little Spot of Frustration: A Story About Self-Control". This book talks about focusing on what we can control, and using strategies to calm ourselves when we feel frustrated or "out of control". A great way to talk to your student about self-control is to encourage them to check the size of their problem and see if their reaction matches. You can also help them see what problems are ones that they can control and ones that are out of their control. When we take the time to help our students develop self-management skills we are setting them up to be successful.

As always, let me know if you need any support. Feel free to send me an email to set up a time to connect via phone or Zoom!

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