What's happening in the world of ICT @ TSPS

PL Centre

Our school PL Centre is up and running. We are generating funds through the centre to feed back into our ICT programs at TSPS. This term we have had teachers visit from all over the state to observe what we are doing at TSPS and learn from our staff. Recently Michael and Daryl did presentations at Cheltenham Secondary College and Xavier College.

BYOD - An idea for the future...

Currently at TSPS we have legacy leases for our current Netbook program. In the future we may look at moving towards a full BYOD program for all of our students. However, offering a BYOD option to students in 3-6 causes issues for the school financially with the need to cover the outstanding lease payments.

ICT use @ TSPS

Many of our staff and students have been using ICT to enhance learning in our communities. Our P-2's have been using Nearpod to create collaborative/interactive presentations for the iPads. Our 3-6's have been using Smore to display creative writing and Survey Monkey to survey the school community.

Fusion Tables

The Fusion Tables have become very popular with our staff and students. These are very engaging and bring the learning down to the level of our students. Students can use these touch devices to enhance their learning. We will be having a fusion table 'Play Date' on Thursday afternoon with teachers from many schools to show them how we use the tables to collaborate.

New iPads and Apple Volume Licencing

We recently received 20 new iPads for use across the school. We will be setting these up using Apple Volume Licencing. This will mean that students across the school will have access to a large set of iPads to enhance their learning.