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Harlie Jones

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About Me

Harlie Mayson Jones

I am currently a senior at Chillicothe High School. I participate in varsity softball, basketball, and soccer. I serve as co-captain for each sport. I am also a member of Senior Executive Committee and other organizations. I am enrolled in Composition and Research, instructed by Dr. Jill Watkins. After high school, I plan to attend the University of Central Missouri to study nursing or speech-language pathology.


Academic Resume

My academic resume shows my honors, leadership, organizations, and service.

College Application Essay

"Making a Difference" tells about the influence my mother's characteristics as a physical therapist has played a role in influencing my career choice.
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"Making a Difference"

Narration Essay

"Greater Chance" explains the benefits of children who live in a two-parent family versus a one-parent family.
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"Greater Chance"

Analysis Essay

"All for Entertainment" discusses the unrealistic lives of reality television stars in The Bachelorette.
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"All for Entertainment"

Definition Essay

"Grades are Essential" explains that grades are important in students' abilities to achieve.
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"Grades are Essential"

Summary/Critique Essay

"Misunderstood Millenials" delineates the misconceptions and reality of the Millenial Generation.
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"Misunderstood Millenials"

Argumentative Essay

"Dangerous Diet" discusses the increased health risks vegetarians have over meat-eaters.
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"Dangerous Diet"


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