Get Your Voice On...Multimodally

A quick response to this week's discussion, multimodal style

Expressivism is what now?

  1. Important because it questioned the role of teacher in the classroom and put a great deal of emphasis on the writer--i.e. texts like Writing Without Teachers came out of this composition theory

  2. A lot of the “best practices” for generating ideas came out of this theory, like freewriting.

    1. Note: these generating ideas are often seen as fluff when we have a “test” teach to or an assignment to get to and it’s easy to say “students don’t need it,” but think about these strategies not as “have to” to get to the final product but rather strategies for writers to try on and see what works, what might be adapted, and what to ditch (ex. I’m not a big list person, but I still try it every now and then to help get ideas going or to recenter a piece after some initial writing)

  3. I have to write to discover what I want to say! Start somewhere!

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Writing as rhetorically situated


  1. How do we help young writers understand:

    1. the purpose of a piece?

    2. the audience of a piece?

    3. the context/situation in which it is being created?

    4. the best choices in ______ to be effective with the above in mind?

      1. mode

      2. language

      3. what else?