The Greek Times

By Grace and Emma

Advice for Athens

Today's Topic: Gods and Goddesses

  • DO sacrifice animals.
  • DON'T make the gods and goddesses mad.
  • DO perform religious ceremonies.
  • DON'T bother the gods and goddesses.
  • DO keep the gods and goddesses happy.
  • DON'T sacrifice people.

Wedding Announcement

We are pleased to announce that

Zeus & Hera

are getting married! Lucky for you, we have some sneak peeks.

The wedding will be under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Their honeymoon will be on the Big Island of Hawaii, USA.

Hera will be wearing a 1 shoulder silk toga, with a pastel flower crown, and white sandals.

Travel Section

If you visit Athens, you can enjoy walking around the streets and shopping. You will see folk dancers with their beautiful and amazing steps. You can travel to Agora and find sea sponges from our Greek waters. You can explore the National Archaeologist Museum and find the golden death mask of Agamemnon, hero of Homer's epic poem, "The Lliad". In Greece, the Greeks thought that music was a way of honoring the gods. There is no way of knowing what Greek music sounds like, because there was no way of recording it. But we do know some instruments they played. Pipes, lyres (guitar), drums, and cymbals. Apollo played the lyres.
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Sports Section


Our festival at Olympia in honor of Zeus is the most important athletic event in the greek world.

Day 1: 12-18 men run, wrestle and box. The rest of us relax and worship Zeus at the sanctuary.

Day 2: Chariot races are held. The crowd cheers for their favorite competitor. Then there were horse races, where you would ride on the horse bare-backed. Few men competed in this race. The next events were javelin throwing, jumping, running and wrestling. Finally, athletes throw about 2 1/2 kilograms of stone as far as they can.

Day 3: Sacrifices are made to Zeus and running races are held.

Day 4: Wrestling, boxing, and a race in armor is held every 4 years.

Day 5: Celebrate victory and get rewarded with a olive leaf crown from Zeus's sacred olive trees. That is the greatest honor a man could ever have. The Games will then be over, and then we have loud banquets and parties.



Travel on land would mean using carriages, horses, or walking, but why travel on land when you can travel on water? Come today and travel easy in our travel boats. Each boat is built for traveling comfort. So come and get some travel material. Captain included for just 2 pounds of silver!

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