Planning Its good To Talk

Amy jones


When planning it good to talk we had to choose 3 people to interview. We had to interview different people of different age groups and a variety of male and female. So we decided to interview a 17 year old Male, A 17 year old Female and lastly a 30 year old female.


when planning our documentary we decided we decided we needed plenty of cutaways to keep the audience entertained. For this prelimary task we decided to have cutaways of people on there phone using there favourite apps. Also people using there phones and not socialising and lastly people taking selfies on there phones.

Mise en scene

When planning our documentary as a group we decided that the location was paramount. So when we where planning on interviewing the male we wanted to have him standing behind a picture of IPhones. When we wanted to interview the teacher we wanted to interview her in her office and lastly interviewing the 17 year old female we planned to interview her in her school.


When planning our prelimary task we decided that we wanted to have music playing in the background at the start and end but not all the way through. We wanted to do this as we still wanted to have the subject matter getting across to the audience and didn't want them to get distracted.