Noticias de Palisades

Aug 12 2021

Welcome All! ~ Bienvenidos!

We are going to change the Palisades Welcome Gathering to Wed. the 25th from 3-4. This is because the 26th conflicted with several other LOSD district events.

The Smart START for students on IEP's for 504's will remain the same: 1-3 on the 26th.

Please check your snail mail

Principal Sarlos is sending a letter to each child by snail mail this week!


The PTO has taken the supply lists for each grade level and compiled them into the program so that a family can click and have multiple options for where to buy the supplies without having to go into the store if they aren't able to do that.


The Bus Schedule is not ready yet. After everyone has registered Student Transportation will create the schedule and publicize it.

Register for the bus by Aug 13th

Registration for bus transportation is now open. Go to the website under transportation, or click here for to complete your student's bus registration. You will need your student's ID number, which can be found on ParentVUE, or contact the Lake Grove office. Please register by Aug. 13 for routes to be ready in time for the start of school.

School Schedules

We have decided to start school here at the same time as the other 6 Elementary schools 8:20 to 2:40. However, our school doors will open around 10 minutes early for students whose siblings attend another elementary school. We will have an assistant to supervise them in the Library or the Gym for those extra minutes so parents can get siblings to another school. We will get you a more exact schedule when we can.

Meet & Greet: Wed. Aug 25th

We did our best to get all families invitations to the play dates over the summer, we apologize that somehow some names were not on the email list. We hope this wednesday gathering will provide an opportunity for students and parents to meet their teachers, some other children and the school site.

All students and families will get an email Wednesday the 25th around mid day from their teacher. We have two sections of Kindergarten. Other than that, the teachers at each grade level are coming over from Rivergrove.

When you all arrive on Wednesday your child will have a chance to meet their teacher and some children in their class.

We intend to have some food trucks on site that day so that families can stay and eat and play.