Science Chapter 2

2.1 Lab

- see if the mass of salt decreases when salt dissolves in water.

Experimetnal Erros-

1.not drying off cap-water in mi thats is not there for mf.

2. spill salt

3. remove cap before mf

4.when pour into bottle spillage or leakage.

5. not shaking long enough- salt not dissolved

6. cap not on tight- spillage and leakage

MI-MF= Delta M

2.4 lab

- to determine if the mass of ice will increase, decrease, or stay the same when melted.

Condensation on Bottle

-comes from warm water vapor in the air (humidity) when it touches cool surface of bottle it turns from gas to liquid.

Experimental Errors

1. not wiping off condensation (gain in mass)

2.bottle is wet during mi- loss of mass

3.shaking the bottle and losing liquid through cap- loss

Data Equations

Mass of cap and bottle (g)

normal mass

Mass of bottle cap and ice (g)

normal mass

Mi of Ice (g)

bottle, cap, ice - bottle cap

Mass of bottle cap and water (g)

normal mass

Mf of water (g)

bottle, cap, water - bottle and cap

ΔM (g)


Drawing a histogram

- put zero on line (all intervals on line)

-put zero in middle (all intervals in middle)

-go by given intervals

-if number falls on line shade the box to the right.