K.R.J ''The Great Depression''



The great depression mainly took part at N.Y.C. Other places were okay.Until the dust bowl occurred then mostly everyone was filled with sadness. The Dust Bowl even happened in Georgia ,or had an effect from it. Lots of states faced drought.some received the pleasantness of both dust,and wonderful drought .''Lucky Them''

Interesting Facts


The depsitors that had placed money in the bank when the market crashed became very nervous. Some investors eventually became ,so worried that the actually committed suicide .The banks all ran out of money and were forced to be closed down. This had to have scared the nation to death [Well technically it kind of did to some people.]


Herbert hoover was president during this very difficult time.I would say that if I was president at this devastating time I would have to resign.That's not what Hoover did he held up his head high,and kept his promise of being the leader of his Country.Plus look at how the other leaders were dealing with their problems ,terribly they had less money than a six year old that went into a candy shop with seventy dollars ,and no money when he came out.