Are you safe on Social Media?

Privacy settings

Are you really safe on Facebook?

Nowadays almost everyone has Facebook, but the problem is that no one pays attention to who they are sharing their photos with and the friends they have on Faceboobk, how do you know that it is that same person, it could be someone else who has created a fake account and might try to use you. No one thinks about these things nowadays because they think that they are safe. But are you? Here are some ways to be safe on Facebook.
1) Privacy Settings
Facebook has recently changed the default settings to share information publicly. This is something you should look at. Now whatever you post, pictures, status updates, the whole world will be able to see it. People can then use the information against you. They can threaten you.
2)Be careful with what you write
You have to make sure that whatever you write on your status updates, you will be ready to see it in the front page of the newspaper next morning. Some people tend to write down what they will be doing that night and if they will be at home alone, if you post all these things then that means the whole world can see it and can take action based on it!.

Are you safe on Gmail?

Some people think that they are safe on Gmail, they think that nothing can happen over there, but are you sure? Just like all social medias, gmail has also some problems such as hacking or unusual activities. There are 3 main points you should remember.
1) Make sure your email is not getting forwarded or shared unless you want it to be.
Sometimes when we forward an email to someone we think that it is going to only that person, when sign in go to "Mail Settings" tab to check if your emails have been forwarded to people you dont know.
2) Check for unusual access or activity in your account.
Regularly review your account for unfamiliar or suspicious activity. Click on the “details” link at the very bottom of the page to find the most recent IP addresses your mail was accessed from, and their associated locations. If you see suspicious account activity, immediately change your password and log out of your account.
3)If you forget your password, you need a way to get back into your account
Having a mobile phone number on your account is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to help keep your account safe. For example, Google can use the phone number to challenge people if they try to break into your account, and send you a verification code so you can get into your account if you ever lose access.