Bilingual/ESL Newsletter - MARCH & APRIL 2016


Way to go Dowell Middle School!

Thank you Dowell Middle School Data Team for allowing our secondary ESL Teachers to come witness and learn from your fine tuned data meetings!

During our third quarterly ESL meeting, Dowell Middle School opened their doors to demonstrate how they prepare and run their weekly data meetings. They were so gracious to allow extra time for Q&A from our ESL teachers. We walked away with a much better understanding of the process and purpose for addressing the needs of struggling ELLs with a team that formulates individual student plans for ELL success. Your years of practice, along with administration support, have fostered a data meeting process that functions smoothly and efficiently.

Way to Go Evans Middle School!

The ESL Family Night was a great success!

Thank you Administrators Todd Young, Dr. Danny Ledbetter, ESL Teacher Jenny Wooters, Nancy Pavelock, Terri Harp, Angela Singler, Christy Mack, Shanda Jaye and the rest of the volunteer staff that gave of their time for a successful first annual Student/Parent Night showcasing your ESL program! Food, games, school and parent information, and fellowship was shared. Parents demonstrated much gratitude for the extra attention shown to them and their children by the staff at Evans.

A special thanks to all the sponsors and community outreach volunteers for setting up informational tables and offering their services to our parents:

EMS PTO, McKinney Food Pantry, Community Lifeline Center, Collin College Department of Dental Hygiene, CCHC Collin County Health Clinic, Bil/ESL Dept. ESL Classes...

Best Practices


Foldables can enhance student achievement

because up to 70% of input to the human brain is visual.

What are Foldables?

➔ 3 dimensional interactive graphic organizers

➔ Created by students

➔ Learning/Assessment tools

➔ Can be used as a self-check study guide

➔ Can be used at any level and with any subject area

Why use Foldables?

➔ Fun & motivating, hands-on approach

➔ As a study guide & note taking to help organize information

➔ Reach all learners & students retain information

➔ Alternative assessments

➔ Replace the use of worksheets/reduce copy counts

➔ Projects

➔ Integration of subject areas

➔ Improve student note-taking skills

➔ Hold students accountable

When can I use Foldables?

➔ Introducing new vocabulary words

➔ Introducing a new skill, topic, or concept

➔ Before a chapter, lesson, story, etc.

➔ During the lesson

➔ After completing the chapter, lesson, story, etc.

➔ Guided Instruction or Guided Reading

➔ Writing process

➔ Review

➔ Anytime- daily

Online Resources:

Nuts & Bolts for Administrators

SUMMER PD - Mark Your Calendars

Bilingual/ESL Administrator Institute - 8/2/2016 - 8:30-3:30

Campus Planning Information and Recommendations for 2016-17

The following documents are intended to support your campus planning for 2016-17. Based on feedback, we included key points and answers to questions that you wished we had provided at the end of last year. We hope these documents will provide some of the information you need for planning, but remember that we are always a call away and would be happy to support your campus in the Bilingual/ESL program plans for 2016-17.

The elementary planning document was shared with Work Group Leaders in February. If you have any questions, please contact your WGL, Abigail, or Judith.

Elementary Planning

The secondary planning document was shared during Leading and Learning by Sonia, and it will be shared once again after Ad Council in March. Please contact Judith or Sonia if you have any questions.

Secondary Planning

INFO FOR REGISTRARS - Summer IPT Testing Dates

An email has already been sent to registrars, but it would help to have this extra layer of communication. Having four IPT testing dates in the summer is new for us this year.

All schools, including bilingual campuses, are welcome to provide this information to parents who indicate a language other than English in their Home Language Survey. Our goal is to support campuses by reducing the amount of IPT testing needed for new students.

Info for Registrars

Please provide the linked flyer with summer IPT testing dates to families who have indicated a language other than English on their Home Language Survey. This flyer is for incoming kinder students who where not previously in PK at Lawson and for any new student to McKinney who registers over the summer for 2016-17. Please contact the Bilingual/ESL Department if you have questions regarding IPT testing for students who are new to the district.

Review the Progress of ELL Programs - DUE by JUNE

Program Guiding Principles Continuum

  • Please review and self-assess implementation of the Bilingual and/or ESL program at your campus collaboratively with teacher leaders using the Guiding Principles Continuum.
  • Use the google form, Campus Self-Assessment of ELL Program, to communicate your ratings with the Bilingual/ESL Department by June.
  • AS NEEDED: Schedule a collaboration meeting with Judith Coffman to review the needs of your campus based on your self-assessment using the Guiding Principles Continuum. We can also review your CIP performance objectives during that meeting. Please contact Leticia Marquez (Dept. Secretary) at x7710 to schedule a time.

ESL Certification

Please help us to continue communicating the information below with teachers who are not ESL certified on your campus.

Please keep in mind ESL certification requirements when you begin to hire for 2016-17.

Probationary Contract

Newly hired teachers for 2015-16 who were not ESL Certified, signed a letter upon hiring that indicated that the ESL certification was required prior to January 31. We still have a handful of teachers who have not completed this requirement. They have received a reminder from HR with information regarding possible termination of contract at the end of the year if the certification is not acquired.

ESL Certification is REQUIRED for all newly hired teachers for the 2016-17 school year:

• All secondary ELAR teachers (Reading/Writing)

• All elementary content teachers

• All Special Education teachers

Term Contract

ESL Certification is REQUIRED for all teachers for the 2016-17 school year:

• All secondary ELAR teachers (Reading/Writing)

• All elementary content teachers

• All Special Education teachers

ESL TExES #154 Prep Course (2 Full Days)

We have already scheduled several summer dates for the ESL prep course. Once Region 10 confirms the dates, we will email information regarding the courses that will be offered both at McKinney and Region 10 this summer and throughout the school year.

FAQ and Information Based on September 2015 TEA Rulings

  • Is there a limit on the number of times a teacher can test? Yes, there is now a limit of 5 tries at a test. All attempts at a test prior to September 1, 2015 count as 1 time. After the 4th time the participant has to petition TEA for the 5th testing chance. *This limit applies to any educator cert exam.
  • Is there a waiting period if a teacher fails the examination? Yes, a teacher would need to wait 45 days. *This waiting period applies to any educator cert exam.

Link: ESL Certification Information


  • ESL Textbooks will be delivered to your campus throughout the course of this semester. An inventory sheet of textbooks and supplemental material was emailed out in January by Abigail.
  • Bilingual campuses will receive 2 kits per grade level (1 kit for bilingual and 1 kit for ESL) and non-bilingual campuses will receive 1 kit per grade level.
  • A curriculum will be developed to support the use of this resource for small group instruction in the summer.
  • Information on training opportunities for these resources will be communicated later in the semester. Our current plan is to provide after school sessions and/or support teachers during planning time.
  • Expected implementation/use of this resource with curriculum will be for 2016-17. However, campuses are welcome to begin using the resources this year.

Textbook Flyer link

LPAC Nuts & Bolts


Mid Year LPAC

*Please remember to send Amber a copy of your MOY minutes with testing decisions.


*Please make sure that there is an opportunity for collaboration on TELPAS ratings.

*Please make sure that teachers have their TELPAS data from previous school years. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to pull TELPAS data by domains from Eduphoria.

Eduphoria - Tutorial for pulling TELPAS by domains


Please remind teachers with students taking the STAAR-L that students need to have an opportunity to use the tutorials and practice using the test. The tutorials need to be completed before the practice sets. Allowing the opportunity for LEP students to practice will help students become comfortable and better prepared with the accommodating tools.


Accommodation decisions should be based on the student's linguistic needs and if it was part of everyday instruction. Students who receive linguistic accommodations on STAAR cannot be exited.

Second Semester PD

PD for 2015-16 - This document includes all PD provided by the Bilingual/ESL Dept for 2015-16.

Please help us communicate any required or recommended training for staff members on your campus. Below are upcoming PD dates to help facilitate communication.

A PD Google Calendar has also been developed to provide up to date communication of available professional development.



SIOP (2 days)

ESL TExES #154 Preparation Course (2 days)

Lost in Translation

ELL Administrator Institute

TELPAS/ELPS Fundamentals

Balanced Literacy Institute

Upcoming PD for LPAC Coordinators

Mark Your Calendars
  • LPAC - EOY - 4/19/2016 - 8:30-11:30

  • 5/6/2015 - 8:30-11:30

Elementary ELL Point People - March Cancelled

CANCELLED - 4th Quarter - 3/17/2016 - 4:00-6:00

Secondary ESL Teachers Quarterly PD

Required Training. Sub cost covered by the Bilingual/ESL Dept.

4th Quarter - 4/13/16 - 8:30-3:30

Bilingual K-3 Quarterly PD

Please share dates with your bilingual teachers.

Sub Cost Coverage Procedures and Form

4th Quarter - Words Their Way & Independent Writing

  • K-1st Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 3/1/2016 - Full Day - 8:30-3:30
  • 2nd-3rd Grade Bilingual Teachers & IC - 3/2/2016 - Full Day - 8:30-3:30

Bilingual 4th & 5th Grade PD

Please share dates with your bilingual teachers.

Sub Cost Coverage Procedures and Form


  • 4th Grade Bilingual - One-Way Dual Language Implementation and Balanced Literacy Overview - 5/26/16 - 8:30-3:30

Bilingual Instructional Coaches - May Cancelled

SIOP - 5/12/16 - 8:30-3:30 - Cancelled -

*Since several of the coaches are already SIOP trained, it was recommended for those not trained to attend SIOP training sometime in the Spring through other offerings.

Online Learning - ELL Webinar Sessions

The ELL Webinar Sessions from Region 10 provides a wonderful learning opportunity for teachers, administrators, and LPAC Coordinators. There is nothing better than learning from the comfort of home while sitting on the couch wearing pajamas. :)

This series has several sessions that focus on the social-emotional impact of culture and of language acquisition on our ELLs. The social-emotional impact on learning a second language is often overlooked, however the impact on a student’s affective filter is a key contributor to a lack of progress in acquiring a second language.

Dr. Faith Nibbs

Refugee Among Us

Dr. Sarah Castro-Olivo

Social-Emotional Learning

Dr. Beatriz Gutiérrez

How Culture Hinders ELL Success

Dr. Feyi Obamehinti

Incorporating Culture in Instruction

Dr. Hector Rivera

Newcomer Programs

Dr. Zohreh Eslami

Content Area Literacy for ELLs

ESL Certification Test Prep. Class

ESL TExES #154 Preparation Course (2 Full Days) At McKinney

*Please register through Eduphoria,

*Summer dates coming soon!

*Next year we will offer a monthly prep class August - January.

Useful Links