Sous chef

help wanted at italy's most favorite restaurant of pizza

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Job responsibilities

takes charge of the kitchen

makes sure that all of the dishes are prepared correctly

helps prepare recipes and develop them

prepare food with other workers in the same restaurant

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Skills or personal characteristics

Being creative is the knowledge of the ingredients and how they are used in a nice way. Leadership skills: in charge often managed the entire kitchen and also helping out with everything

Also being a good leader

making use of the time management and having a sense of taste and smell

training or education

professional training and obtain training with a two or four year degree from your bachelor's degree or culinary arts and have on job experience
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working environment

work long hours and the restaurant would be overcrowded

have to cook a lot it would be stressful

have to be safe with all of the dishes

average salary or salary range

the average salary for this job is 30.000 to 40,000 thousand dollars

5% increase in the salary

this is a part time job