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Week of March 23

Good morning ROE!

I am so glad to be connecting with you today! We are ready to go online and connect with you.

Let me walk you through this week.

  1. Our number one goal this week is connection. I want you to know we are here and ready to help you on this journey.
  2. This newsletter is in 3 sections: Parents, Students and Resources.
  3. Everyone's assignment this week is simply to connect. Information on connecting online and picking up materials is included below.
  4. For this week, no assignments will be returned.
  5. Please contact your child's teacher via email, if you have any questions.

As we continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19, curriculum adjustments may be made. Most importantly this week - take care of your families. We love you, miss you and are here to serve you.

Megan Corns



Weekly expectations

For this week our expectation is to connect. Your child's teacher will be contacting you by email or phone. Our main goal is to determine how to help you connect. At this time lessons will be provided online and a print version will be ready for pick up on Wednesday.
  • Our main platform will be Google Classroom. Click on links below regarding how to access.
  • Our goal will be to return all contact within 1 business day.
  • If you have questions, email your child's teacher and include how to reach you.

Please know we are on this journey with you. Please reach out to us and let us help this week focus your child''s learning. We understand many of you are juggling your child's instruction and work. Your child's teacher will work with you on prioritizing and working through a plan.

Hard copy pick up

Pick up times will be Wednesday, March 25 from 9 am - 3 pm

Please come to the back of the campus in the car lines similar to arrival and dismissal.

1) We will distribute grade level packets.

2) Please remain in your car with your car sign. Please leave your car tag on the dashboard until you receive your material.

3) We will bring materials to your car.

Please be patient with us during this time as we provide this support.

This information may change as we monitor the situation.

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Week 1 Lessons and Instructional Resources

Resources are available for all subject as well as PE and Music/Art in Google Classroom.