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December 2015

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Whats' New?

  • STAAR A-December Assessment Window. There was some question about how to address accommodations for STAAR A if it is presented in a paper/pencil format in December*. Currently, students have access to ALL of the bells and whistles of STAAR A when is it is presented therefore STAAR page in S.Ed may reflect "access to all embedded accommodations" since the administrator can not disable certain features. After speaking with Debbie Youngs, she assures me that the learner will have access to all of the "bells and whistles" via a human test administrator as well. SO no need to update current paperwork at this time. (December administration is for learners thatg are retesting or are taking the test for Credit By Exam)

What's Not? Friendly Reminders

  • Just a reminder to branch out and use a variety of assessment tools when you are digging for specific areas. I.e. when looking at Basic Reading the PAL II, the TAPS, CTOPP@ and GORT5 are just some ideas. Try not to pull a "core battery" protocol for just one area of assessment if at all possible. (WJIV, KTEA2, etc.) No $ for additional protocols at this time.

  • Your Role in the RtI Meeting. This is directly from Page 15 in the CISD Administrative Guidelines.

    Diagnostician / Speech Therapist / Dyslexia Specialist

    · Provide consultation for suggested changes to interventions

    · Attend at the end of Tier 3 for discussion prior to moving forward on recommendation for evaluation

    · Complete parental notice and consent forms for evaluation once recommended (Informed parental consent includes explanation of all assessment to be done)

What's Next? Pending Items

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Next Monthly Meeting Topics:

Guest Speakers:

  • LSSPs will speak to us about how to address the Emotional/Behavioral Section of the FIE when they are not involved in the eval (OHI Reevals). They will also speak to us about SLD under IDEA vs. the DSMV definition.

  • Debbie Gauntt will come to speak to us about Evaluation Protocol when Dyslexia is involved.

  • Prior to our meeting on December 11, please review the following attached updated documents. (Updated ARD Agenda and Updated ARD Deliberations Template). Come with your feedback, if any. The plan will be to roll these out to Administrators at the beginning of January 2016 once final approval has been given.

DRAFT: Updated ARD Agenda

DRAFT: Updated ARD Deliberations Template

What's Non-Negotiable?

Hold Spot

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