King Louis XIV

Why you should hire me!

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You should hire me because...

There are many reasons why you should hire me. I'll explain more throughout the resume, but a few are I am a great leader, people listen to me, and I can keep things under control. I'll explain why you should hire me, experience I have, accomplishments of mine, and a few references. I'm looking to be the leader of the company, and I hope you will hire me.


I have had many accomplishments that will qualify me for the job. One of these is I established reforms that promoted industrial growth in France. Another accomplishment is I have improved the disorganized system of taxation in France. One last accomplishment that proves i'm a good leader is I forced nobles to relinquish their former political influence, and with doing this I made a more centralized administration with the middle class as the foundation.


One major experience that will show I'm perfect for this job, is that I ruled a country. I have led my people through tough times, and I have gotten through many battles, and I have made it with my people still with me. These experiences, in my opinion, have qualified me greatly for this position.


I know a few people that would be great references for me. One of these references is my wife Maria Teresa of Austria. She can also tell you how qualified I am for this job. Another reference would be my daughter, Princess Alicia. These people would be great references for me to help me get this job.