Muscle Seek....

Muscle Complex

Countless times we have described how the core body looks, how it works and what we are is good. You can see for example here.By focusing on the anatomy of the body's core, imagine how the muscles are stored there Glutenous Maxims

We have described this muscle complex as a kind of corset, cans, boxes, etc.
If you deploy the torso weightlifting belt, you can easily imagine how beautifully we solidify this box. Unfortunately, this is not so true. Its mission is to strengthen the body's core muscles, but to put it simply substitute its function.

Which of the core muscles are front and side walls of that box?
It is a transverse abdominal muscle (M. transverses abdominal).

This muscle holds the abdominal press, abdominal organs in place and creates support to inhale. Just like his "colleagues" - the diaphragm (diaphragm), pelvic floor (diaphragm pelvis), deep muscles of the spine (mainly mm. multitude and rotators) and lastly the internal oblique abdominal muscles (M. oblique intern’s abdominal s).

If we replace the m transverses abdominal barbells belt, locks the core and other muscles. This complex must always work in cooperation and balanced all together.

Exercises with belt
In this exercise, although it will help Yes, it solidifies back, thanks to the inner support the spine as the core of the body to function properly.But what belt to have dressed you and you want to make completely banal activities (pick up something from the ground, the car, etc.)? READ FULL STORY