National School Library Month

& Poetry Month


  • Each day the library is open for a lunch stop in, stay, and play Lit Bingo and Library Trivia!
  • April 22nd - 26th is "Poem In My Pocket" - students create or find a poem about history and share with their history/government/classical studies teacher. The teacher listens to the poem, gives them a ticket, the student stops in the library that week for a prize (no repeats on poems) Tickets will be given to the respective teachers prior to spring break.
  • April 30th is an open mic in the library for ANYONE who wishes to share a poem he/she created or found from another.
  • At some point during the month you may be asked, "How do you do library?" Be ready to share how you use the library and what it means to you...then watch yourself on L6TV!