Vision of First Year Teaching

What it takes to have a successful first year of teaching

The Vision:

Each student will feel they have established a confident level of knowledge to proceed to the next grade level. The educator will complete the school year knowing they provided their fullest potential of teaching to their students. The students and teacher will have established a respectful and professional relationship with each other. The teacher has followed all standards in education and recognized their flaws to create an even more successful second year of teaching. The school year has ended with no negative feelings and the students feel accepted and respected by their educator. Throughout the year, the teacher was supportive and encouraging to all students.


  • Establish the culture of the classroom
  • Establish expectations of student and teacher
  • Create an introduction activity of teacher and student
  • Research effective ways to learn each student
  • Research effective ways for team building activities
  • Establish a structured environment, lesson plans, and curriculum
  • Establish classroom norms
  • Know your fellow faculty members
  • Create effective evaluations for students' abilities
  • Use and conduct educational research
  • Assure quality assurance is established
  • Access and utilize modern technology to further education
  • Create a FUN and safe environment
  • Be prepared for whatever may be thrown your way as a professional educator
  • Establish a relationship with students' support systems