"Guwi”I need to tell you this book called "Nanberry!" An educational and historical novel about an aboriginal boy. It`s a captivating story for which I give a 5 star rating. Where he stood stranded between two cultures.

First reason

To begin with, this fascinating novel is an historical fiction book which tells about the life and connection between the English and Aborigines.I learned that an aboriginal boy became a translator for the British Colony. This tells us how the British started the colony that later would been known as “New Holland" but now "Australia."
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Second Reason

Next off, I would like to point out that Jackie French’s style of writing is vivid and descriptive.I like how Jackie French uses some aboriginal words and names in the novel to make it more interesting.I also love the cover of the book and how detailed it is.For example she wrote “Black Brother White.”

Final Reason

Last of all, is the strength of the characters.I like in the author notes,she gives each character their own story life in the novel.She describes each character we meet in the book.For example:Mr Moore,Maria,Rachel,Andrew,Surgeon White,The o’possum,Jack Jackson and Nanberry himself.
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I believe that more people should read Nanberry because it’s a magnificent novel.You can learn more about history,enjoy her style of writing and the characters she talked about in the novel.This is really a magnificent book.