Poetry Project

By: Devanne and Desirea

I Wish by Desirea King

I wish I had manageable hair

I wish I had no homework

I wish I had better basketball skills

I wish I had whiter teeth

I wish I had all the shoes I want

I wish i had all the clothes I want

I wish I had all the books I love

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

I Wish by Devanne M.

I wish I had teleportation powers

I wish I had a plain ticket

I wish I had good grades

I wish I had omega ruby and alpha sapphire

I wish I had a WiiU

I wish I had a tree house

I wish I had nap time right now

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

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Failing and Wailing by Devanne M. (ballad)

"Not so long ago

they tested us in a skill

we all don't have" she said

"Very soon we'll have another

just like it"

The district called them Finals,

benchamarks, staar, DBA's

They are all forms of torture

which can crumble your posture

They're so tricky

It makes me itchy

"Have I ever failed one? Oh! Of course i have

plenty of times!" she exclaimed

If they were more accommodating

to my skills

I would very much not be failing

and wailing

over my grades.

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My sister by Desirea king (free write)

My sister oh what a handful she is,

So sweet and innocent looking,

but that is not the truth

She is bitter and cold and only 11,

"oh sister dear please hand me that thing"

"NO do it yourself you've got legs"

My sister oh what handful she is.