Childhoods Torn Appart

Kyle Gustofson

Children must not be forced to work in these horible conditions at such a young age or ever.

The major problem is that children are being used like machines for demanding work. Boys twelve years of age were legally hired to work in the coal mines of West Virginia, by day or by night. The conditions in the coal mines were unimaginable with unhealthy stuff getting in their lungs and the dangers of rocks collapsing at any moment.

Children were working 14-16 hours to make money for their family and have never even been inside a school. 1.7 million work in sweatshops working for wages around $0.60, not even enough to pay for food. So many were hired because they were cheap labor for the owners.

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Finally the children received freedom after brutal labor with the Fair Labors Standards Act and dangerous job being outlawed. The Fail Labors Standards didn't allow children under age 16 to work in mines and factories. Dangerous jobs were outlawed as well.