The Wire

First Edition...................................October 2015


We are excited to bring you the first edition of The Wire! This newsletter is designed to provide you with the latest information related to Learning & Development, New and Featured programs, and sneak peeks of up & coming opportunities (to name a few) for you to continue to grow and develop your career at Mayer Electric. You will find all of this within Mayer U!
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What's New With Mayer U?

Mayer U will have a new look and feel! The new User Interface will launch in November 2015! What does this mean?

This means Mayer U got a face lift! When you log into Mayer U, you will see a whole new look and feel, making your development journey easier to follow and more accessible. You may have noticed the Mayer University logo above this article. We are proud to unveil this as our new internal University branding. You will see this on official Mayer University documents, and when you log into the University to begin your learning journey.

This is the first of many exciting enhancements to come! We will continue to upgrade and develop Mayer U to make courses easier to find, expand the program offerings and work with associates to ensure content is current and relevant.

Featured Courses

In this section of The Wire, you will see the newest additions to the learning programs on Mayer U. The subjects will vary from Selling Skills, Product Information, Leadership, etc. In this edition, we have several Featured Courses.

In addition to the New Navigational course that is a show & tell of how to maneuver through the new "face" of Mayer U, the following courses will be featured:

  • Change Management
  • How to Enroll in a Course
  • How to UnEnroll in a Course
  • Time Management

Under Construction

Over the next few months, we will continue to work on improvements within Mayer U. Know that we will do our best to keep the programs available to you during this time, but there may be times when courses are "Under Construction". Please be patient with us.
"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing." ~ John Powell