The Civilian Conservation Corps

by: Haley Trotter & Tristin Evans

Why was the CCC created?

The CCC was one of the dozens of The New Deal programs created by president Franklin D. Roosevelt to fight the Great Depression, the CCC was primarily designed to put thousands of unemplyed younger men to work on useful public projects.

When was the CCC created?

The ccc was created on April 10,1933 during the great depression. By the time congress abolished the agency in 1942 more than two million men had served this made the ccc one of the most successful government training and employment in history.

How did the CCC take effect during this time?

The ccc was responsible for the over half or the refrosetastion. They also dug canal's and ditches. Corpsmen built over thirty thousands wildlife shelters, stocked rivers and lakes with billion of fish,restored historical battlefields, cleared benches and campgrounds. Although professing a nondiscriminatory policy, the CCC failed to give a fair share of employment to blacks, especially in the South where local selection agents held sway. Black participation reached 10% by 1936 though.