Random Locker Checks

Sarah Martinez

did you know?

most of the time in lockers they have found drugs,alchol,and firemarms

we should check lockers

We should check lockers because school is an learning enviroment for children also to have a good time and be with there friends not to be a dangerous place for students.
These checks should be made mandatory and done frequently to assure the well being of students


first,locker checks help increase the saftey in schools.


Locker checks keep students healthty, and help students stay both physically and mentally healthy because it discorages students from bringing fire arms and especially drugs.

how drugs can harm you

as everyone knows drugs physically damage your life, and an overdose of drugs can lead to death. As a result drugs, completely destroy a students life.


More students will comply with the school policies because there are frequent locker checks and other students are getting caught and punished for it . The students who are being caught will learn from their mistakes and so will others students.