The Sand Creek Massacre

American greed or Manifest Destiny?

November 29, 1864

Now, where 55411 County Road W, Chivington, CO 81036 stands, stood many innocent Native Americans, nearly 800. They were massacred for their land.

Colonel John Chivington, United States Army

“The Cheyennes will have to be soundly whipped before they will be quiet. If any of them are caught in your vicinity kill them, as that is the only way.

What happened?

Colorado Volunteers surrounded the Sand Creek area. Black Kettle, a local chief, raised an American flag as a sign of friendship. The Volunteers' commander, Colonel John Chivington, ignored the gesture. He told his troops to kill all of them. The volunteers killed about 400 people, most were women and children.

U.S. casualties: 52 wounded, 24 killed

Native American casualties: 70 – 163 killed

Southern Cheyenne Council

But what do we live for? The white man has taken our country, killed our game; was not satisfied with that, but killed our wives and children.
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Manifest Destiny

An American Army expanded their land by coveting the native's land.

America was wrong. I wonder if they knew that at the time or if they were too blinded by greed.