The steps of a florist

By: Sade Studivant

First step : establishing what a florist is

A florist will design and create arrangements of flowers in wreaths, bouquets, vases and centerpiece elements. Some florists stick to pre-formatted layouts in order to design their flower arrangements, while others are true artists, or floral designers, who create their own patterns or design original works on commission. Typically, floral designers earn more for original creations, though the demand is much less due to both the cost of original designs and the availability of a wide variety of pre-existing designs.

Step2: Education requirement

The minimum requirement for floral designers is usually a high school diploma. A florist traditionally comes into the field by applying for work at a local floral shop. After gaining years of practical experience, some branch out and form their own companies.

Step 3: Location (near by or in Knightale)

Step 4 : Payment

  • Annually the salary for a florist is $16,494 - $34,677
  • Hourly-$7.87 - $15.48