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Wavelength: 10m to 380m

Frequency: 30Hz to 800Hz

Velocity in vacuum: 186,000m/s

Other Key facts

1. High amounts of UV lights causes temporary clouding of the cornea called "snow-blindness."

2. UV induces production of vitamin D.

3. Apple juice is treated with UV light to reduce the levels of microbial pathogens.

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The sun radiates energy through wavelengths, which are mostly visible to human eyes. The more energy in a radiation, the shorter the wavelength and a greater potential for harm. Radiation at the longer UV wavelengths of 320-400 nm, called UV-A plays a helpful role in forming Vitamin D by the skin and plays a harmful role at the same time by burning our skin and giving our eyes cataracts. The amount of UV light we receive is determined by the ozone layer. Scientists are scared because the ozone is being depleted. If the ozone were to decrease at lower latitudes, southern cities would experience a greater absolute increase in UV-B than cities in the north for the same amount of ozone depletion. Living organisms at high elevations are generally exposed to more solar radiation and with it, more UV-B than organisms at low elevations. Scientists are studying the amount of UV light in our atmosphere and there are concerns for the future generations.


Health Effects

Ultraviolet Radiation is good for giving off small amounts of Vitamin D which is good for treating Eczema and jaundice.

Too much UV radiation results in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye, and immune system. Sunburn and skin cancer are common effects of too much UV radiation.

Everyday applications

- Fluorescent lighting

- Vitamin D

- UV "curing"

Tour of the EMS 06 - Ultraviolet Waves


UV rays are spectrum rays that vary heavy with strength and color. Many UV rays are what give the planet its warmth and fertility. But just as well some of these rays are very harmful and could cause damage if not absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere. The spectrums of the rays prove that as they vary, they present their strength and capabilities and are used to identify that things that are beyond the vision of the naked human eye.