Is School Uniforms A No or Go?

@ Lubbock Cooper Highschool

Yes 2 Uni's

Having school uniforms is 100x better than normal dress code. If you eliminate dress code and replace it with uniforms there are much more pros than cons. Organization, everyone will be wearing about the same thing and the same colors and everyone in the school will look professional. School uniforms eliminates the struggle of deciding and stressing about what to wear every day. Saves money, think about it, if you only have to wear certain clothing for a whole year, the stress of shopping and money is gone. The problem that most will have with uniforms is that they don't get to "express themselves" "be there own person" but if you think about it, you have your whole life outside of school to express your self in your clothing. School; on the other hand, is a place to learn and become educational, not a fashion show.