The Bond Brief

December 12, 2014

Computer Science Week

This week was a celebration of computer science. We participated in many Hour of Code activities. I am going to create a highlight video this weekend. I highly suggest having your child show you the sites we used and give some of the activities a try! Below is a Google Hang Out that we did earlier in the week that includes the reflections from the students. Not only did we participate in coding activities, but we also had 2 special guests visit our classroom to talk about coding. Mrs. Hoef, our building secretary, shared information about her degree in Information Systems, as well as lent her time to work with small groups on coding. Then we had Revie Gill, Bremner's brother and my former student, visit our class. Your child was given a handout with some information on coding that he put together! The kids were able to ask him questions and learn about computer related careers.
Hour of Code Reflections

The Week in Review

Math: We finished Unit 3, and we will continue to work on the concepts of area, perimeter, measuring with a ruler, and multiplication next week. Today we played a fun game called Area Model Capture, and we tried to capture the most area on our grid paper by creating models of multiplication facts.

Science: This week we focused on the transfer of energy. Today I introduced them to the Makey Makey, and they loved seeing how they could create a circuit and play a piano. Check out their website!

Reading: We are continuing with our Chapter Series Unit. This week we focused on patterns between the books in a series, particularly in the first chapter. We noticed that Magic Tree House books end the exact same in the first chapters. Today Mrs. Sheldon came and read a book to our class to celebrate Hannah being the Michigan Kid this week. We are also continuing to read and enjoy The Secret Zoo. I had stated that we are going to do a project on it, however, we are going to hold off and do it after the holidays since there is already a lot going on!

Writing: We are working on creating our own realistic fiction stories. This week the students were able to develop a character based on a photograph. It was neat to hear what they imagined the person like. We also learned how story mountains can help plan a story out, making sure the story builds to the climax (the most important event.)

Grammar: This week we worked with suffixes. We also tried to find examples of suffixes in our chapter series books.

The Winter Party is on Thursday Morning 8:30-9:30!

Kids Can Wear PJ's to the Party!

Variety Show

We are going to do a Variety Show Act as a class. I am going to send home the papers on Monday, but if you would like to look over it now, I have linked it above.