Tiffany Ridge Library Information

General Library Information

Students will begin checking out books on their 1st library visit.

  • Kindergartners check out one book each visit unless they have not returned last week's book. Kindergartners are strongly encouraged to keep books in the classroom -at least at the beginning of the year.
  • 1st grade will start with one and earn 2 books after a couple weeks of returning books 80% or better as a class.
  • 2nd -5th grade will be allowed to check out 2 books. 3rd books will be added at teacher request for classroom projects/research. -we limit to one additional research book as many grade levels are researching similar topics at the same time.

My #1 goal is to keep books in the hands of our students

Check Out Last Year's Statistics

Additionally we lost $819.54 because 57 books were damaged (and did not pay fine) or lost.

Please have students use the restroom and get drinks before coming to Library -we are a long way from a water fountain.

Process for students who cannot checkout

1st week -I will ask about the missing book

2nd week I will share with classroom teacher about the students missing book -please help them to look really well in the classroom because...

3rd week -I will send home a Destiny generated note to parents

4th week -I will forward the classroom teacher an email with the picture of the book missing and ask that you to please forward it to the family.