Effects of the Atomic Bomb

Pammy, Douglass

What were the effects of the atomic bomb on Japan and America?

The atomic bomb had devastating effects on Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were pretty much wiped off the face of the planet and America didn't see what was wrong with it.

Damage Effects on Hiroshima

Hiroshima was picked as the town to be bombed partly because it wasn't really destroyed by the fire bombs. Soon you couldn't even tell it was a town, from it being burned down. When the bomb was dropped it created a bright flash that would instantly kill you by burning your eye-sockets. It was brighter than the sun. The fireball created by the bomb was at least 3 miles high. After the bomb was dropped there was no sunlight for a couple of days this was because of all the debris in the atmosphere. Soon it started down a heavy black rain full of dust, dirt, and radioactive particles.

Damage Effects on Nagasaki

The effects on Nagasaki were basically the same as Hiroshima since it was type of bomb. In Nagasaki 40% of the city just disappeared. The people affected by the impact was impossible for care for. The bomb had ruined most of the buildings so there was standing hospitals in the town. One of the worst effects that they suffered from was radiation.
Shockwave of Atomic Bomb Impact!! Must see! (Trinity and Beyond)
This video shows how powerful the atomic bomb was, which would explain why the two cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima just disappeared.


The people who lived at where the bomb was dropped they died instantly. So these people didn't suffer from the long term affects of the radiation. The people who didn't die had the worst of it. They had received very high dosages of radiation. A third of all fatalities occurred by the 4th day. Two thirds by the 10th day and 90% by the end of three weeks. During week 3 through 8 the symptoms from the radioactive rays start to kick in. The loss of hair, loss of white blood cells. bleeding, diarrhea. 10% of the cases were fatal. In the 3rd and 4th month they were starting to heal with burns and trauma, but there was severe scars and disfigurement. Leukemia was another effect. Radiation could also cause you to get any known cancer to man.

Relationship With Japan

Japan and America, after 71 years, have a good relationship. Two thirds of Americans trust Japan and three quarters of Japanese trust America. There is still some people who don't like Japan. People who are over 65 believe that we wee justified in dropping the bomb. When some Japanese think Americans are aggressive. In America half of the population feels that we have made up for our actions in Japan.

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