Think Different #52

Resources for the Week of February 18, 2018

Assess a student's reading fluency in real-time with ThinkFluency

ThinkFluency: new iOS app that lets teachers assess a student's Reading fluency in real-time. Create an account, add students/classes, select a Reading passage or create your own, and then begin the assessment. ThinkFluency makes it really easy for the teacher to track errors by tapping a button on the screen while the student is reading. Once this is done ThinkFluency will generate a detailed report and develop an individualized instruction that can be shared w/ others. This is a great app that saves teachers time as well as helping them differentiate instruction.

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9 Ways OneNote Makes Lesson-Planning a Breeze

OneNote, which you can download for free, is a teacher’s best friend. Read these nine ways OneNote can help make digital lesson-planning easier, faster, and more effective!
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For more in-depth interactive guides on how to make the most of OneNote in the classroom, be sure to check out
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Video “20 Years of School Shootings”

Here’s a new video from The Wall Street Journal, “20 Years of School Shootings.”

Mind Mapping tools for the classroom

  • MindMeister - This versatile and collaborative mind mapping tool can work on any platform or device. FREEMIUM
  • MindMup - This online mind mapping tool integrates with Google Drive. FREEMIUM
  • Inspiration Maps - This iOS-based mind mapping app is also available through Apple's Volume Purchase Program. FREEMIUM
  • FreeMind - This desktop-based mind mapping tool is free and open source. FREE
  • XMind - This desktop-based mind mapping tool contains a robust set of features. FREEMIUM

Want more? Check out these edshelf lists or tools.

  • Mind Mapping - Curated by tech integration specialist Sandy Scordato.

A little help with Google tools including classroom

New Google for Education Facebook page

We're excited to announce another home for #GoogleEdu product updates, insights, lesson inspiration, event information, and more. Hop on over to Facebook to follow our newest channel!