The Deans' Digest

Week of 11/16-11/20

Jam-Packed Hump Day!

Monday 11/16: Grade Level 9/10 Meetings

Wednesday 11/18:

EXTENDED Town Meeting (a.m.)

MTSS Target Meeting (11:40-12:400)

MTSS Behavior Expectations PD (p.m, room 416)

PARCC Results Release

RIDE will be releasing PARCC results to the public today. I will take some time this week to meet with people to review and strategize around how we will use the data to inform teaching and learning here at Beacon.

Commissioner Wagner has requested that schools take a positive stance when discussing PARCC with our community and stakeholders. The results are what they are-- and we are not going to spend the year debating "the test." Rather, our focus will be on what the test results mean for our ever-improving instructional practice.

Hickey's Headlines

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see"


Murphy's Memo

Q1 has closed! Please make adjustments if you did not give the Q1 bump to a 55 for students to stay in the ballpark of passing. Additionally, if students have failed and you feel there is more to it than missing some assignments then please make a referral to RTI.

phone calls will be made home to all students who have failed. If you have made contact already with any families of those who did not pass your class please let me know so I do not duplicate your call.