Friday, 20 August 20201 - T3Wk4

COVID-19 Announcements and Actions


Well what a week we have had since the last newsletter. I hope all families are staying safe and well in their bubbles. With the announcement of Level 4 continuing until at least Tuesday next week we have provided in this newsletter some information around our plans for Home Learning and the delivery of hard packs for those who need it.

Every community is different and responds to a COVID lockdown in their own way. Our community is no exception. This time of year is a very busy and stressful time with farmers pushed to their limits with calving and lambing. Many students will be busy helping on their farms and the aim of our learning at home isn't to add extra stress to this. This is why we have hopefully devised a system that caters for all the needs within our community. We will certainly get your feedback and review this after the lockdown so we can make changes for when (or if) we go into another lockdown again.

From Our Board of Trustees

As a board of trustees we met via zoom today to discuss the implications this Level 4 Lockdown will have for our school community. The board can't stress enough that during this period our main concern is that all our families are safe and well and that we all stay connected. The school will be sending out home learning next Tuesday. The compulsory part of the home learning will be the Tau Competency based activities that can be completed each week. For those who wish to receive a hard pack of worksheets and undertake digital learning then they will have an opportunity to indicate this in the newsletter below.

Home Learning

There will be 4 main parts to our Home Learning: Only the first part (bullet point 1 is compulsory).

  1. A Tau Competency activity grid

  2. Completing a Home Pack

  3. Taking part in online learning

  4. Completing a home pack and taking part in home learning

Class teachers will touch base with your children through their class Seesaw apps during the period of the lockdown.

Your child's class teacher will send out via Seesaw (or email) a google form indicating what you would like your child's home learning to look like. You will have four choices (see above).

Delivery of Hard Packs

Delivery of hard packs (for those who have requested one) will take place on Tuesday morning. For the town families these will be dropped off in your letter boxes and for the country families more information will come out next week on the process around this.

Essential Worker Children Attending School Register

We are now wanting to plan for when Alert Level 3 will happen. If you are an essential worker and will require your child to attend school then please complete this form. It is our understanding that at this stage the school buses will continue to run (under their safety conditions).

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