Saftey Rule

Number 21

Rule number 21

Never look down at the fiber optic cable. It can damage your eye sight and even call blindness the light is invisible to our eyes, fiber optics don't just cause blindness they also can burst into flames and they are a fire hazard

Fiber optic dangers

If people are untrained with the fiber optics and they simply pick up the tool and look directly into it and can burn their retina in a very short period of time. Even though the fiber optic cable can be dangerous it's only in certain situations as in the fiber optics cable as to be tightly focused onto something be for it can start a fire

These are just some things that can happen to you if you improbely use the optic fiber

Some more dangers of Optic Fibers

If the optic fibers are being trimmed or cut then the fibers leave mini scale pieces of glass the can easily be stepped on and can cause a severe pain where ever the glass ends up

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