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May 2, 2014

Picture Creativity

Ever wonder how some people do picture collages? Well, wonder no more! It is easy by following a few simple steps through some free Apple apps. Usually, upload the image, center or crop, and that's it.

Students can use these as well to combine learning in the content areas. Why create another PPT presentation? This can work just the same. Add the collage to Skitch and students can write on the images!

Check out some apps below. All are free and can be found in the Apps store.

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So, why do I need technology in my class?

The Four C's: Making 21st Century Education Happen

Educational Resources

Tech Enlightenment

Time is almost up!! Our last six weeks is here!

Check the Gallego or Zachry calendar and on the homepage. Check out LISD's training calendar. If interested, please get approval by administration before registering.

The registration links are set up, if you are interested click on register for the direct link to Eduphoria. Don't miss out or get left behind.

In addition, take the survey afterwards found under the registration link label 'survey' or in the District Surveys section under the District Resources tab.

Use PD360 or Atomic Learning to gain hours. Plus, any conferences you attended specific to technology may be granted credit. Follow the request credit sent to you by e-mail before.

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App Smashing

Have you heard of 'app smashing'?

Greg Kuloweic of EdTech Teacher (or Lisa Johnson's 'app synergy') defined the process when using the iPad or other technological mobile devices.

App smashing is the process of using more than one app to create a product or complete an activity without being limited using one app. You begin with one, transfer to the next for enhancement, and continue until the final product is complete.

The key is to be creative and understand that not a single app out there can do it all. You will have to use:

  1. Your camera roll (its the epicenter)
  2. Several apps of choice
  3. Second set of apps to "smash" or combine previous (step 2) media together
  4. The "share" button to finalize or publish in some way

Consider the 'workflow,' or where will the product end and how it will get there.

Bottom line: don't feel constrained to use only one app for student creation. Let them explore and use a variety of apps if it means an awesome product!

App Smashing in Brief

APP of the Week


Tellagami is a free iOS app in which you create an avatar and record you audio. You can customize your background and other aspects. Students would love to you this. How? Maybe they can retell a story through this app!

Itunes download

Tellagami Example - Using Your Own Voice

A reminder...

E-mail communication is by far the fastest and easiest way to communicate with colleagues and administration. With our new web application Microsoft Office 365, you can launch the program and keep it running, there is no refreshing. Plus, when you get an e-mail, you have the sound alert.

Be sure you keep up with your e-mails morning and afternoon. If you need help adding or using Office 365 e-mail on the iPad, do not hesitate to ask, I can assist you.

A word of caution...