Life during the New Deal

Stuff that happened during the New Deal

roles that women played

-Eleanor Roosevelt helped women and was important during her husbands presidency

-Frances Perkins was the first woman to head an executive department

-Many women became leaders in government agencies during the new deal.

Roles of African Americans

Black Cabinet- Were group of African American officials that filled posts in government.

William Hastie- He became the first black federal judge in us history

FDR's views -He was afraid southern democrats wouldnt be supportive of him

Photographers and writers during the New deal

Dorothea- she was a photographer that took pictures of hard hit people during the great depression

James Agee- him and walker photographed sharecroppers in the south.

walker evans- worked with james and took pictures of suffering people of the depression in the south.

popularity of movies during 1935

1. 80 million of Americas 127 people attended a movie every week during the time period.

2. over 5000 films made during the decade.

3. a few movies where about the hardships of the great depression. An example of this was the grapes of wrath.

Importance of radio in American life

-people where involved in politics through Roosevelt's fireside chats.

-The radio provided people with religion,music,sports and other forms of entertainment.

- Examples of popular radio shows would be fibber McGee and molly.

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-During this era people commonly listened to jazz

-Famous starts at the time included duke Ellington and count Basie.

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Sports during the era

-Baseball was the most famous sport

-Famous players included Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio

-Sports where important because they where an outlet in hard time during the depression

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