Mysterious Powder

Lab Report

the four testes

We did the PR test to see if it was an acid.The next test we did was the PH test to see how strong it is.Than we did the Iodine to see if it had starch.The last test we had was the physical property we did it so we knew how it smell,felt,and looked.


The powder was a magenta pink.The powder turned a 8,it was like a light green.With the Iodine it turned a black.The physical was very fluffy,rounded,and smelled like the art room at east.

what i think the powder is

i think the powder is green red and a little bit of purple. Green: when we did the iodine test it turned a dark black like the green.Red: when we did the physical property test it smelled like the red. Purple: when we did the physical property it felt like the purple.