Sammy davis jr

how he influenced the world

Born and early life

Born on December 8th 1925 Sammy Davis Jr . His first performance was a play with his father at the age of 3. after world war 2 he ruturend to new York to resume his show biz career in 1950 he want solo and perdouced 2 albums they where so successful he became a headliner in in York and Las Vegas he performed in Mr wonderful and golden boy and they where both a huge hit

2ND chance

In novmeber of 1944 he almoest died in a car crash that sherterd his face and runied his left eye shortly affter recovring he want out and took in jewdium .he mairred to swedish actoress may britt they had one dauhter and adopt 2 sons in there egit year marige .

he marched in all the inoprt cizil right marchs once with maruthan luther king affter he had acted in porgy and bess he was in a sireis of moives affter that he then married agin in 1970 to the actress doner gore he made a moive where he used his ubilty to tap dance this film was sadly his last died of cancer he died at the age of 64 on may 16th 1990 in bevrly hills calofriona

Sammy Davis jr - I've Gotta be me
Sammy Davis Jr. - Paula Wayne - I Want To be With You! Golden Boy