Early Mesopotamians


1)Mesopotamia is located between the Tigres and Euphrates river.

Mesopotamia means land between rivers.

2)on the right->side

3)the type of climate it has is in some parts it is really hot in the tropics and 8000 BC an ice age struck.

4)the present day that would be Mesopotamia will be Iraq.

5)How far Mesopotamia is from our school is about 5,100.30miles from here.


Time line ->

2)the requirements of a civilization are 1)urban2)new political and the military buildings3)social structure depends on economic power.4)the development of technology.5)development of writing.6)religious structure.7)New ways of artistic,and cultural activity.3). 4) 5 different Hammurabi laws are 1) If a person satisfies the elders to give a fine grain,or money they shall receive consequences.2) if a person will steal a son from another he will be put to death. 3) if a person tries to steal from a house they shall be put to death. 4)If somebody holds slaves in their house,and are caught,they will be put to death. 5) If a person is committing a robbery and is caught they shall be out to death.

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1)the wildlife and vegetation there kept them healthy while they began building their new world.The early people built canals to bring water to land from the Euphrates,and Tigres river.They've raised goats,sheep,and cows.They sometimes hunted birds,duck and other animals.

2)How the poisoned fields contributed to the collapse of Mesopotamia I by

3)what Mesopotamians ate was two meals a day.Except for rich people they ate bread,they drank large amounts of beer.They also cooked vegetable stew.

4)Steps taken to farm each year.

1)First you have to flood your field with water coming form the irrigation system

2)Plough the soil so it's broken up.

3)Harrow the field to make field smooth and level.

4)Then put seeds in soil using seeder plough.

5)Water field three times after it has been sown.

6)Last but not least when the crops are ripe you cut barley,gather it and take to threshing house(separate seeds and grains.)


1) the reason for one of the wonders for the hanging gardens was to please his homesick wife who longed for her plants in her homeland. 2)Cunieform are wedged shaped words.They were developed in Persia,And Mesopotamia.

Name cunieform on bottom..

3)The different classes of people-the main classes were priests,the upper class,the lower class and the slaves.

4)The Ziggurat is a temple the Sumerians climb to the top.

The purpose for the Ziggurat is for some ceremonies they did at the very top,and for offering wine and food on the steps.

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