Digital Activism

The in's and out of Activism, Hacktivism and Slacktivism

The clickity clacks of the cliks

Clicktivism is what sparks the internet revolution, this is the new age and a new dawn. Millions upon millions of users are constantly using hashtags to create awareness for a cause such as #kony201 #kanye2020 or even #prayforlouis when a sports team lost. These multimedia embedded hashtags create quite a stir in the media...But who is behind them? and how did we get here, to a society where #alsicebucketchallange is just as recognizable as the golden arches for Mcdonalds.

The real #'s

Numbers and Hashtags and Twitter...Oh MY!!!

58% of americans feel tweeting is an effective form of advocacy and support. 60% say reading the information online is part of the movement. 47% said they would give 10 dollars to what seemed like a legitimate charity.