CISD: Commit to be Fit

May 10, 2016

A Little About My Motivation

I ran into a good friend and retired CISD teacher at the gym yesterday. She complimented me on looking so fit and asked me how I got to be and stay so motivated. First, let me say it is not easy! I work full time and have 2 very active children and a husband that travels for work a lot! One of my tips is to schedule your workouts and plan your meals. It makes it so much easier to stay on track! I schedule a time for my workouts just like I schedule Zella's gymnastics class or Jaxon's baseball practice. Sometimes things happen and I miss a workout, but I just go on the next day with my schedule. Sometimes I don't follow the meals I plan. I know it is hard for my CES people to believe, but I have a treat "or cheat" every now and then, but I do not let this get me off course for the whole day or week. I go back to my meal plan for the next meal.

Now back to my motivation.... My motivation is my family. More specifically my family history of disease. I have watched loved ones of mine struggle with diseases and go through pain and suffering that could have most likely been prevented by a healthy diet and exercise. It is so hard to watch your love ones struggle and equally as hard to think of your children and grandchildren being put in the same situation with you. I know all disease is not preventable, but I am surely going to prevent what I can and have a healthy body to fight what I can't! At the same time, I hope to teach my children a healthy lifestyle of staying active and eating foods to fuel and heal their bodies.

Healthy Eating Tuesday Tips

I like to keep my food simple, mixing and matching healthy proteins, carbs, fats and veggies to make up my meals. Below are some simple healthy ideas that don't take much work!
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Fitness Challenge

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