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Ellis Island-Immigration

Ellis Island opened in 1892 as a federal immigration station. Immigrants would come from northern and western Europe-Germany, Ireland Britain, and Scandinavian countries. These people would come to the United States to find work and to support their families. They would come through Ellis Island to go through immigration to see if they were able to become a citizen of the United States. In order to become a citizen of the United States you would go to Ellis Island and the workers there would evaluate you and run tests to see if you carried any disease, and if you carried a disease you would get a letter put on your chest and you most likely wouldn't be able to become a United States citizen. Although this system didn't always work out, they would write the letter on a chalk board and people would erase them and would put a new letter on their chalk board so they could become a citizen. Most of the time, the whole family would go to Ellis Island, but usually only one person in their family could be sent to New York because most families couldn't afford to send their whole family. The one person that was chosen to go to the United States would go find work and earn enough money to send the rest of the family to the United States.

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Honolulu, Hawaii-Did the United States really take over Hawaii? On the Hawaiian islands, a group of American sugar planters under Sanford Ballard Dole overthrew Queen Liliuokalani, the Hawaii monarch.In the early 18th century the first American traders came to Hawaii to exploit the islands' sandalwood. American missionaries and planters brought about great changes in Hawaiian political, cultural, economic, and religious life, and in 1840 a constitutional monarch was established ,stripping the Hawaiian monarch of much of its authority. President Grover Cleveland sent a new U.S. minister to Hawaii to restore Queen Liliuokalani's throne under the 1887 constitution, but Dole refused and instead proclaimed the independent republic of Hawaii.

Looking Into the Past

Progressive means happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step

What is the meaning of this political cartoon? This political cartoon shows 5 men, 5 shadows, and 1 man with bags and all of his stuff with him. The one man standing by himself is most likely an immigrant and he is trying to come to the United Sates to find work. The 5 men look like they are trying to stop him(order of men description: left to right). They first guy looks like he is blinded by him and he is acting like looking at him is blinding him. The next guy is observing him and looking at him to see if he is good enough to come into their country. The middle guy looks like he is stopping him and is saying no you cant come into our country. The next guy looks like he doesn't really care that he is coming over because he understands where he is coming from and realizes that that was him one time. The other guy looks like he is waving at him and he is welcoming in. The shadows are of all the five guys. All of the guys were just like the immigrant, but they are treating him differently because they aren't him now and they think that they are so much better then him because they have more stuff then them now, but they were just like them a couple of years ago.

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Think About What Your Throwing Away

You can help at any age to help save food. If you only take the food that you need then you can save that food that you didn't eat and give it to our troops to make sure that they always have enough food. Don't Waste Food!


For Sale- Brand New Telephone starting at $10.00!

For Sale- Corsets, worn only a couple of times and is in great condition $10.00

Wanted- Women typist total salary, $301.48

Wanted- Food for troop in the army

Services- Jane Boyles has just opened a new clothe tailoring store if you need something tailored please call Jana Boyles at 1-800-478-9283

Services- The Selective Service Act if you or a family member is between the age of 21-30 they need to sign up for the draft. See your local draft director for more details.

The Gilded Age

State: California (CA)

Capital: Sacramento

Nickname: "The Golden State"

*California had a lot of racial and ethnic diversity. 1 in every 4 were born in the United States. 30% of Americas Latinos, 16% of Native Americans, and 40% of Asians that live in the United States live in California.

* San Francisco Bay is considered the world's largest landlocked harbor.



State: Iowa

Capitol: Des Moines

Nickname: "The Hawkeye State"

*Iowa's number one cash crop is corn

*Iowa became the 29th state in the United States


World War 1

State: Oregon

Capital: Salem

Nickname: "Beaver State"

* Crater Lake in Oregon is the 7th deepest lake in the United States

* Oregon became a state on February 14, 1859


Roaring 20's

State: New Jersey

Capital: Trenton

Nickname: "The Garden State"

*Fort Lee and Films: 1st center of motion picture production - Champion Film Company (the forerunner of Universal studios)

* 1920's Atlantic City: Prohibition was largely unenforced because alcohol that had been smuggled into the city and could be readily obtained at restaurants and other establishments

New Jersey

Why Was babe Ruth so Important to Sports History?

Babe Ruth was born on February 6, 1895. He had always enjoyed baseball, but by the age of 19 Jack Dunn, owner of the Baltimore Orioles, watched Babe play and he signed a professional contract. Babe Ruth was the first ever sports superstar! Most people know Babe Ruth because of his home runs and they knew that he played outfield, but what most people don't know is that he was one of the best left-handed pitchers. He lead the Boston Red Soxs to two World Series. After that he was traded and played for the New York Yankees in 1918. The Yankees had never won a World Series title until Babe Ruth was traded. He ended his 22-year big league with 714 home runs, including his remarkable 60 in 1927. His lifetime statistics also include 2,873 hits, 506 doubles, 2,174 runs, 2,213 RBI, a .342 batting average, a .474 on-base percentage, and a .690 slugging percentage.

Read More 'Bout Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was born August 4, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Louis was a trumpeter,band leader,singer, soloist, film star, and comedian. Most people would recognize "What a Wonderful World" written by him. Louis Armstrong had come to prominence in 1920. Louis had influenced musicians with his amazing trumpeting and with his unique vocals. Louis influenced not only jazz musicians but pop artists too. Louis Armstrong had a great impact on music back then and even know. He died on July 6, 1971 in New York.
What a wonderful world - LOUIS ARMSTRONG.

World War 1 News Story

President Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28, 1856 in Staunton, Virginia. He was elected March 1913 and World War 1 broke out in 1914. President Wilson was determined to stay out of conflict. Germany had torpedoed and sank the British ocean liner killing 1,100 people (128 Americans). In 1917 German submarines launched unrestricted submarine attacks against U.S. merchant ships. Around the same time, the United States learned about the Zimmerman Telegram, in which Germany tried to persuade Mexico to enter into an alliance against America. On April 2, 1917, Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany, stating, “The world must be made safe for democracy.” America’s participation helped bring about victory for the Allies, and on November 11, 1918, an armistice was signed by the Germans. At the Paris Peace Conference, which opened in January 1919 and included the heads of the British, French and Italian governments, Wilson helped negotiate The Treaty of Versailles. The agreement included the charter for the League of Nations, an organization intended to arbitrate international disputes and prevent future wars. Wilson died at his home on February 3, 1924, at age 67.