Brian Sullivan Fairfield Energy

Success in Well Drilling

Oil and Gas Industry Professional

Brian Sullivan of Fairfield Energy has ample experience working in the oil and gas industry, including a stint as Vice President of an oil company in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he served from 2004 to 2006. The experience and insight he obtained as the- company Vice President have served him well since, including as the current President of the Precision Global Corporation.

Brian Sullivan of Fairfield Energy - A Skilled and Sensible Entrepreneur

Brian Sullivan of Fairfield Energy has been a leader in the business community for much of his professional career, not only as a longtime professional in the mortgage lending industry, but also as the current head of his own oil and gas firm. Sullivan entered the oil and gas profession shortly after coming off what was a successful 17 year career in banking, ten of those as the owner of Advantage Funding LLC. He has taken the same sensible and skilled approach to business leadership, one that made him so successful in banking, to leadership in the local oil and gas industry, something responsible for much of his current success as the President of Precision Global Corporation.

Brian Sullivan Fairfield Energy has always possessed the ability to make intelligent, well-thought out financial decisions, something that has underlined his career, and his success, in both industries. As someone who understands how to minimize risk through a solid and safe business approach, Sullivan has been able to reap better than average returns for his investors, as well as to earn their trust and confidence that promises to continue well into the future.

Brian Sullivan of Fairfield Energy maintains the same strong business sense that made him so effective and successful in the mortgage lending industry. An entrepreneur with a knack for strong decision-making, leadership and strategy, Sullivan promises to continue the growth and success of Global Precision for many years to come, and to one day reach his goal of company self-sustainability.