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Just READ!

The #1 thing parents ask and say to me is, what can I do to help my kids do better in school. Survey Says........Read......Please take time to read with your kids! I can show you the research but that is what Google is for. So One School One Book is happening and it kicks off officially March 1. Families will start their chapters on March 3.

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We are reading The Wild Robot by Peter Brown but that is on the DL for our kids. So keep it hush hush. There will be a hype week with fun things the kids to get excited about the Book. There will be a book reveal convo March 1 in the HS Auditorium and Parents Convo that night for our PTO Read Across America Night. EVERY STAFF MEMBER IS GETTING A COPY! We Are One in this together. So we will read right along with the kids each night. I will compile things soon and we will have a reading schedule for 10-15 mins each night, Every man, woman, child, or beast associated with AE will be reading The Wild Robot! We have to find ways to get our families engaged in reading so here we go! I need four teachers help me plan the hype week and events in March to get kids reading. The One School One Book initiative wants this book to be read aloud to the kids. We know some parents won't so we need to make a YouTube Channel for guest readers to read aloud the selected chapters each night. We can push them out via Canvas and or Seesaw for kids to watch. MARCH IS A NO HOMEWORK MONTH! ONE SCHOOL ONE BOOK IS THE HOMEWORK....THE EXPECTATION !!!! I'm so excited for this! It will be awesome!!!!! As soon as we have the copies of the book I will get them to you. It would be great to plan your math, science, writing, etc. to the book in March!

Upcoming Events:

February 9 PTO Popcorn and Hat Day $1 Popcorn and $1 to Wear a Hat for BBSS

February 12 Hoops for Heart Week

February 14 PBL Training HA Room 7:45

February 19 eLearning Day- Staff PD Day

February 20-February 23 One Book One School Hype Week (I need a team of 4 Teachers to help plan it...let me know)

February 27-March 2 Round 1 ISTEP testing AM only

March 1 PTO Read Across America Night 5:30-7:30 Bounce House, Pizza, and More

March 1 One Book One School Student Convocation 2:00 PM in the Cafeteria

March 1 One Book One School Parent Meetings 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM Options (Need to Attend to Get Bounce House Tickets) Location TBD

March 2 Girls Night Out 3:30-8:30 PM

March 2 One Book One School Books will go home for those that didn't attend Parent Meeting

March 5 Sechlers Pickle Fundraiser Starts- I will come to each class schedule will be posted for signups

March 12th-16th IREAD

March 13 End of 3rd Nine Weeks

March 16 Sechlers Fundraiser forms due with money

April 10 Sechler's Pickle Pickup 3:30-6:00 PM in the Cafeteria