My creative life!

Alyssa Salzwedel

My life

Hey!!! I am Alyssa, as you can probably tell! Well I don't really have much to say. But below are a few of my favorite things!! If you see these you can tell alot about my personality!
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Color quiz results!!

Alyssa Salzwedel

  • 49% extrovert and 51% introvert
  • Capable to listen to others
  • Has a good emotional intelligence
  • A very good supporter
  • Strong-willed and active
  • Actions are determined by knowledge and experience
  • Manager and a structured person
  • Good at encourging people
  • Very focused on facts and reality
  • Attached to moral value and feelings
  • Thoughtful and deep
  • Creative!

Haha thanks for looking! Toodles!! :)