8 Foods You Should Never Eat

Kendall Keiser

Article Summary

This article was written by Karen Ridder on the website called Newsmax. It was published on September 10th, 2015. In this article Ridder gives a list of eight foods that should never be eaten while a person is trying to lose weight. These foods include cream soups, creamy salad dressings, coffee (any way but black), sugary drinks, low-fat labeled foods, cheese, baked goods, and white bread. She explains that creamy soups, salad dressings, and cheese are bad because of the amount of fat in them. The beverages that she says to watch out for are sugary drinks and coffee with add ins. Often times fruit juice and soda are packed with added sugar, and coffee can become unhealthy when milk, sugar, or flavorings are added. She states that when people eat "low-fat" labeled foods, they are more likely to eat larger amounts of that food. Baked goods contain sugar, fat, and refined grains which is why Ridder says to stay away from these. White bread also contains refined grains, so she recommends choosing a whole wheat option instead.

(Ridder, 2015, Newsmax)

Article Critique

Often times patients ask the health care workers whether or not a nutritional source or topic online is a valid source of information. Health care workers need to be prepared to be able to distinguish a reliable nutritional source from a non-reliable source, teach the patients how to do this themselves, and then clear up any confusion that the patient may have if they read a misleading article.

This article was written by Karen Ridder, who has no credentials after her name. This lowers the validity of the article. If it were written by a registered dietitian, dietetic technician, registered nurse, medical doctor, or nurse practitioner, then that would make this article more of a valid nutritional source. This article was found on Newsmax.com, a website that does not primarily focus on nutrition. Examples of sources that would be reputable for nutritional information consist of government, health agency, professional health organizations, journals, or college university websites (DeBruyne, 2014, p. 35). I would recommend these sources for a patient looking for nutritional information. While Ridder embeds links to her sources in the article, they are only mediocre as far as reliability goes. Some of the links that she embeds are WebMD, Medline Plus, The Journal of Marketing Research, and Authority Nutrition.

The article is not very well written because it only provides a list of foods that should never be eaten, without including a lot of background information or explanation as to why those foods shouldn't be eaten. It would be more beneficial and motivational for a patient trying to lose weight to be given a list of nutrient dense foods to include in the diet, rather than telling them what they cannot include. There are some valid nutritional points made in this article, such as picking whole wheat bread rather than white bread, "it will have more fiber and leave you feeling fuller longer"(Ridder, 2015, Newsmax). However, there is just not enough detail about the other foods listed in the article. For example, she discourages eating cheese because of the fat content but does not bring up the fact that cheese is a good source of protein in small amounts. Overall I would not recommend this as a valid source of nutritional information for a patient.


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