John Calvin

Creator of Calvinism


John Calvin was born in Noyon, France. Being closely connected to the bishop and his noble family most of his friends were aristocratic and culturally changed him. When he was 14 he went to Paris to study at the College de Marche to prepare for further education. In 1523 he transferred to the College Montaigu. His father wanted him to study law instead of theology so he did. After studying law he went into preaching which then forced him to leave France then he was invited to preach in Geneva where he later died.


John Calvin succeeded in reforming Geneva's religion and helping Geneva release itself from the grasps of its bishop and the Dukes of Savoy. He himself successfully converted to Protestantism. He published books about Christian reform which helped spread the idea. He escaped being caught and tried as a heretic for spreading Christian reform. He thought up the theological idea of what is now called Calvinism.

Effects of the Accomplishments

His accomplishments caused Geneva's entire future to be changed to where it had more freedom of choice. His books allowed the Christian reform to spread further and faster. The fact that he escaped being tried and/or caught as a heretic made it so then it was possible for him to publish his books. The idea of Calvinism has changed many peoples views on life.

Interesting Facts

-His father forced him to study law instead of theology.

-Originally Calvinism closed down taverns but then he saw that that was too far so he changed that

-In the Netherlands Calvinism was slow at first because of the Lutherans.

-Calvinism didn't spread to most of Germany due to a law that stated that churches had to be Catholic or Lutheran.

-Calvinism spread quickly through Poland due to the rebellious attitudes.

John Calvin