First Annual Worldwide Pet Show

Watch different pets with different talents showing off

Come to NYC to enjoy this once in a lifetime event

In NYC, come to see pets of any kind with different talents. They will be jumping, twirling, rolling over, and even getting you a sandwich! If you have a pet with a one of a kind talent or you just want to see all the amazing creatures, go to and buy your ticket or sign up.

Worldwide Pet Show

Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 8:15am-4:30pm

NYC Central Park

Bring your pet if you are competing

If you are not competing and have come to watch, bring a snack or a meal

You have come to watch, do not provoke the animals

Things to come for

8:15-11:30 Refreshments and animal preparing

12:00-3:45 Pet show

4:00-4:30 Meet the pets

We are Big Event Crew

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