Music News

By: Michella Bauer

8th grade Jazz Band trip to NMU

April 17th, the 8th grade jazz band packed up for a road trip. Going up to the upper peninsula in Michigan to play in front of two clinicians. They also got to see Regina Carter, famous jazz violinist, play for them and other schools at a concert. Being only 7th/8th graders, all though they were loud, they were well behaved, and played very well.

The Concert

Before the concert featuring Regina Carter, the kids and chaperones split up for dinner to either Burger King or Subway. Five of the kids who ate at Burger King, later went into the play area for the heck of it. There was laughing and complaining about the heat in the area. They all had fun and had a good laugh enjoying their time together away from home.

Fun and Games

After the day had ended for the jazz band, they headed to the hotel to relax. The doors were open for everyone, but in room 248, a few games of cards were played with both boys and girls. Laughing and playing, they all had fun playing BS and 21(black jack). Getting told multiple times to be quiet, they still had fun laughing. After their fun, they headed to their rooms for lights out. It was a great experience for the jazz band and Mr. Johnson.